"My advice to you if you are thinking of signing up for Globalteer... …don't hesitate, go for it!"Tom, UK
"I like the Globalteer philosophy, the way money is distributed and obvious care for local customs."Maggie, UK
"Volunteering with Globalteer was an experience that will never leave me."Sona, UK
Memberships and Awards
"My time volunteering was an unparalleled chance to learn about animals: their care, feeding and habits."Mat, Canada
"For those who volunteer their time and their hearts
to those in Cambodia, this is a precious gift."Kara, Australia
"All day long as I worked, I could hear the gibbons singing and whooping, an unforgettable sound."Emma, UK
"To be able to share this experience with so many great people from all over the world has been a gift."Amy, New Zealand
"I feel more confident and worthy in this world now that I have done my small part to make a difference."Duncan, UK
"I've witnessed some beautiful but also emotional sights and made some great friends."Andrea, UK
"My experience with Globalteer was totally amazing."Richie, USA
"I have to say I had the most amazing time of my life and hoping to return in November."David, Ireland
"I would recommend this project to anyone, I know I for one would go back and volunteer again."Jeanette, Australia
"I had so many highlights. Meeting amazing people who you know will be lifelong friends."Kiri, Austalia
See the world and make a difference as a Globalteer community, wildlife or conservation volunteer
We specialise in responsible volunteering placements, making sure that your help goes where it is needed most, and is always part of a long term solution.

Find out more about our volunteer projects in Southeast Asia and Latin America and reserve you place today!

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Volunteer with endangered wildlife in Peru's stunning Amazon rainforest - placements from just £525 or $675
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First hand experiences of volunteering abroad from previous volunteers working at wildlife rescue centres, elephant sanctuaries and with children. 
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